Jul 28, 2015

Fair Mini!

  Oh how I love when the fair comes to town, because that means fair minis! I love fair minis even more when I get to do them with family! My sweet cousin Joni, along with her husband Jacob and their two twins, were rockstars durning their session. No joke it was 100 degrees and SUPER humid. But they toughed it out and we ended up getting some great shots! Hope you enjoy!

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Dec 5, 2014

Rachel, Matt & their baby bump

  Is there anything better than a shoot filled with lots of love and a baby bump?! I think not! Elliot and I got to hang out with these two weeks before they welcomed their baby into this world! It was such a beautiful fall day, and Elliot was happy cause he even got to throw some leaves ;) We get to meet their new little man tomorrow morning and we are so excited! Make sure to check back to see their newborn session! 

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Jul 25, 2014

"Flower Picking"

  My sweet sweet husband got me a new lens for our anniversary that came in the mail yesterday! We had been talking about getting it for awhile but never actually went through with buying it. So I was completely surprised when I opened the box! I love this little 50mm! I was so excited to try it out I asked one of my sweet friends if I could borrow her cute little girls for a little photo shoot, and she said of course (thank you!) So I went over to their house and we went outside and they started picking "flowers". I love capturing little ones just being themselves, those are always the best photos anyways! So here are some of my favorite shots with the new lens! 

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Feb 21, 2014

Baby Kale

  It is always a joy photographing this sweet family! A few weeks ago I photographed this family right before baby Kale came into this world, and now I got to meet him! This little guy was just six days old for his first photo session and my heart just melted! He was all about being held and not taking pictures, but then we took a little break, he got a full belly and he was out! Katy and David, thank you agin for letting me into your home and capture your sweet family! 

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Jan 20, 2014

Craig Family

  I had such a fun time shooting this session! It was so great to capture this adorable family in their home! There is just something about going to someones home and capturing them in their everyday life, it's just so real, and it makes the images that much better! Katy and David are expecting their second little guy in February, and I can't wait to meet him! Uriah just captured my heart with his big smiles and little giggles! These life-style sessions are becoming one of my favorite things to shoot! Thank you Katy and David for inviting me into your home to capture this exciting time! Enjoy! 

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Nov 26, 2013

Kristen & Eric

  This past weekend Elliot and I had a mini-session with Kristen and Eric, down in the River Market area! All of us were bundled up because the Kansas City cold weather has come upon us in full force... :( They were troopers though! Even though it was cold, we still had a blast, and got some great shots! It makes me so happy seeing these two together! I have known Kristen for a long time! She was my first boss ever when I got my first job at the YMCA lifeguarding when I was 16! So it makes it that much sweeter for me that I got to take these pictures! Here are some of my favorites! 

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Nov 16, 2013

Kayla & Adam Engaged

  Where do I even start?! This was such a beautiful session! We started things out at Powell Garden, where Adam proposed to Kayla! Little did we know that the park closed at 5pm and not 6pm, so we didn't have much time there, but it worked out fine because Kayla and Adam found a cute little spot on a side road close to Powell. Can you say holy golden hour! The light was gorgeous! I am in love with each and every picture from this session! Elliot and I are so happy that we got to meet this cute family and capture these moments! 

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Nov 6, 2013

Rebecca & Matt - Maternity Session

  Rebecca and Matt are an awesome couple! We met Rebecca and Matt through a small group that we attended at our old church. I was so excited when Rebecca contacted me about doing their maternity pictures! These two are going to make the best parents! You can tell that they love each other so much and they are going to give that much love if not more to their baby! Elliot and I wish them the best and we're very excited to meet baby Forrest! Here are some pictures from our session at Loose Park!


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Oct 30, 2013

Dana & De Linda

  What a beautiful shoot this was! I was so excited when Dana called me and told me her vision for her engagement session! It consisted of vintage furniture and an old tobacco barn, I fell in love! I have always wanted to do a vintage set up in the woods, AND I can't tell you how many times I have drove past an old tobacco barn and longed to shoot there! These two are so sweet and so much in love! Elliot even said at one point "Gosh you two are more in love than us" ;) When we asked them how they met they told us that Dana was actually De Linda's interpreter at one point! We are so excited to capture this couples big day in April, we can't wait! We hope you enjoy Dana & De Linda's engagement session! 

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Oct 21, 2013

The Thompson Family

  I have had the honor to watch this little family grow! The first time I shot for the Thompsons was when little Kade was still in his mommy's belly, and now to be able to shoot them again a little over a year later was such a blast! I love watching families grow and it's such a blessing to be able to capture that! Kasondra and Rudy are expecting their next little one next month! I can't wait to meet him! We had a wonderful time at Loose Park, and the weather actually was working with us!

Kasondra and Rudy, 

Thank you for letting Elliot and I capture your sweet family! You guys are awesome and we can't wait for the next photo session! 


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Sep 3, 2013

a summer mini session

  What a cute little family we got to shoot this past Saturday! We started at 9am and the heat was still crazy hot! But we all managed through it, and we were thankful when a breeze came our way! The shoot was a blast and these two little girls were too adorable! Thank you guys for letting us capture your wonderful family! 

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Aug 1, 2013

What?! We're in front of the camera?!

  I have always wanted to do a session with a huge balloon, it's been a secret dream of mine ;) This past week at the Wyandotte County Fair I got to! But what was even better was that Elliot and I got to be in the pictures! My wonderful mom was kind enough to come out with us and take the pictures. I also did a session with my little sister and an engagement session this same evening so be on the look out for those soon! I just wanted to share some of these with you all because I am in love with them! If you would like to set up your very own fair session let me know so we can get your spot held for next year! 

And again thanks mom, you're the best <3  

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May 30, 2013


  This little girl has her Uncle Elliot & I wrapped around her little finger. Saying that we love this baby is the understatement of the century! She is the sweetest little baby, & once you see these pictures you will see that she is also the most adorable baby girl on the planet! I'm pretty sure that I could kiss those cheeks of hers all day! Can you tell that I LOVE my niece?! I hope you enjoy Madeleine's 10 month photo shoot! Elliot and I can't wait until this little baby & her mommy & daddy come back for Christmas! 

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May 25, 2013

24th Birthday

  What a busy week it has been! This past week was full of graduations, birthday celebrations, penguins, and a sweet baby girl and her mommy and daddy coming in town! This week may have been full and really busy but I wouldn't trade it for the world! 

  My sister, brother-in-law, and little Madeleine came into town last Friday all the way from Arizona to join in on all the festivities. Things started with my little sister Mollie graduation from high school. It's crazy to think that she is done and will be moving onto KU this fall! 

  Next came my birthday party. Elliot and I wanted to have a get together at our house since we have been here almost two years and have never really had anyone over (mostly because it's not the largest house in the world, but it fits us just fine for right now). So what better time than now! Thank goodness the rain stayed away until everyone had ate and we got everything inside! It turned out to be a beautiful party and a wonderful day! 

  The next day was my actual birthday, and what a day it was! Elliot went above and beyond for this birthday! I told him that I wanted to play with baby penguins, because they are my favorite animal in the whole world, and when he was little he got to hold a baby penguin and I was jealous lol! So, Elliot, Emilie, Madeleine, and I packed in the car and headed for St. Louis! Elliot had set us up with a behind the sense tour of the penguin area,  which included getting to hang out and pet baby penguins! I was the happiest girl in the world! I definitely started to cry when they came out and when I was playing with them! It was everything I thought it would be! I will never forget this birthday! After the penguins we went to eat at Blueberry Hill, and enjoyed some awesome burgers! 

 The last of the birthday celebrations were on Tuesday with the family birthday dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Those are always a good time with my family. There are always lots of smiles and laughter. 

  I am so thankful to everyone who helped to make this birthday one that I will not ever forget. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you all so very much! 

  Here are a few images to enjoy! 

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Mar 10, 2013

Victoria in the Studio

  I'm so excited to share these images! This was my first session in my new home studio! We've had the backdrop for a couple of weeks but we ran into some trouble figuring out a way to hang it up, since studs weren't in the right place in the wall. But my amazing husband figured it out and got it up! And just in time for this little girls 1st Birthday! If you would like to set up a session in the studio please email me at phoebe@photosbyphoebe.com! I would love to set something up! 

Now, enjoy this precious baby girl...

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Jan 2, 2013

Snow Day

  I have two really awesome friends, and they happen to be a really awesome married couple! I was sitting at home drinking my coffee the morning of New Years Eve when I got a text from Amber asking if I was busy. Of course I said no, and a few minutes later my phone started ringing. She wanted to see if I was available to take some pictures in the snow later that afternoon...I was so down! 

  We ventured to a little spot that they had found and started taking pictures. As we were shooting the flakes started to get huge, it was beautiful. I'm super happy with the pictures that I got and I hope you all like them too! What a perfect way to end 2012! Enjoy! 

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Jan 1, 2013


I have two very astounding little sisters. This year for Christmas my family decided to draw names. I got my Grandma, and I was told that she would like some updated pictures of my little sisters to replace the ones from years ago. This is how this shoot came to being. We headed down to the River Market (after taking about 5 wrong turns) on a cold December day. They were troopers for braving the cold with me! We had a ton of fun, and I got to just stop and realize how special these two are to me, and how much joy and laughter they bring to my life. These were some of my favorite shots from the day, enjoy!

P.S. Happy New Year!

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Dec 13, 2012

The Larsen Family

  Where do I even start?!? This was the first mini-shoot of my December Special, and it was so much fun! I'm pretty sure I was laughing the whole time! Gabby was such a cheese in front of the camera and I loved it! This family knows the meaning of a good time! We ventured down to the West Bottoms of Kansas City for this shoot. When we got there all the stores were opened up and so many people were there! We were still able to find some good spots and take some great pictures! Thanks for having me take your family pictures, like I said I had a blast!

Gabby thought of this next pose ;) She was cracking me up the whole time! 

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Dec 11, 2012

The Rausch Family

  I have loved watching this family grow! I met Erin when we took a class together over the summer a few years back at KCKCC. I was honored when Erin asked me to shoot their wedding back in July of 2011, and then when they asked me to take pictures of the newest member, and snap a quick Christmas card picture I was thrilled! Elliot and I had a lot of fun when we went to their house, I even got to play angry birds starwars with Madden! I hope that I can contuine to watch this family grow and capture more special moments! Thank you for letting me come into your home a capture a little part of your life. Enjoy! 

Until next time...

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Oct 29, 2012

Amanda & Neil--Maternity Session

  I had a blast shooting Amanda and Neil's maternity session! I know Amanda through my office job, and I was super excited when she came over to my desk and asked me to take some photos for her! We went to Shawnee Mission Park on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. We had fun and I got some great shots. Their adorable son Maxwell was born on October 22nd, and I can't wait to meet him! Thank you Amand and Neil for letting me capture this special time in your lives! 

Until next time...

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Oct 9, 2012

Our Trip to Arizona

  Once my sister Emilie told us that she was pregnant, we were so excited. And when I found out it was a girl I about lost it! We went to Arizona in August (I know I'm a little late on this post) to meet the beautiful Miss. Madeleine. She had my heart the first time that I saw her, I didn't even fall for Elliot that fast ;) 

  We had such a wonderful time meeting Madeleine and hanging out with her mom and dad. When the week was over, Elliot had to pull me into the airport, I did not want to leave. Now I have to wait until May to see my favorite little family, but when May does come, it's going to be glorious, and I.can.not.wait.

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  One of my favorite things that my family does is birthday dinners. Every month there is a birthday we have a birthday dinner for that person or people. The dinners are usually at my Grandma and Grandpa's house (cause Grandma is like the best cook in the world!!) but to celebrate my Grandparents birthday, my sister in law Jenny invited us all over to her and Grant's (my brither) house. It was so much fun. I am truly truly blessed. God knew what he was doing when he placed me in this family. They are loving, supporitive, and so dang funny. I love these people more than I love anything or anyone. This image is my favorite from the day. 

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